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Feathers And Fleece - Learning about the Old English Sheepdog at Feathers And Fleece

Feathers And Fleece Farm
 And Old English Sheepdogs.

Before considering a Feathers And Fleece Sheepadoodle puppy
you should first understand the Old English Sheepdog.

Old English Sheepdog of Feathers & Fleece Farm

The Old English Sheepdog is a herding dog, but most owners will tell you
that they are watch dogs.
They tell you this because they are always on guard for intruders and new arrivals to the home.
They will be your first alarm system to sound.
Nothing will get past the Old English Sheepdog.
Once the newcomer arrives to your property, the Old English Sheepdog will alert you
to their presence and wait for your signal to stand down.
Unlike dogs in the guardian breeds, they will not attempt to hold the threat in it's place or attack.
The Old English Sheepdog will simply alert you and if they sense danger, will use their size able booty
to push you back away from the threat.

The Old English Sheepdog may have descended from the Bearded Collie, but other breeds
may also be in their background.
The breed has been known since at least the 1770's and was primarily a drover's dog,
taking sheep and cattle to market towns.
Unlike hunting dogs, working dogs such as those owned by drovers, were not taxed.
Also, their tails were cut or bobbed to prove their tax-free status.
Old English Sheepdogs may be born without tails or with tails of varying lengths;
most have tails at birth and are bobbed when they are three or four days of age.
The bobbing of an Old English Sheepdog's tail in modern times is done as much for identification
purposes as well as hygiene.
Drovers' dogs were responsible for keeping the herd of flock together, steering the stock
as directed by their master, finding and collecting strays, and guarding their charges from other dogs,
wolves or people with intent of mischief.
This vocation required intelligence, strength, agility, endurance, and speed,
all of which the Old English Sheepdog still retains.
The Old English Sheepdog has an antic sense of humor and is devoted to it's family
and home, and is not likely to roam.
They are great with children.
Although Old English Sheepdogs tend to treat everyone as a friend, they are alert watchdogs.
The Old English Sheepdog is steady and sensible, tolerant of other dogs, and tend to herd small
animals and even children sometimes.
They have a deep and low-toned bark.
For a moderately large dog, it surprisingly occupies "little house room" and makes for a pleasant
home companion.
Providing for an Old English Sheepdog requires adequate exercise, such as long walks twice a day,
and a safe place to run.
The coat of an Old English Sheepdog provides good protection from heat as well as cold and wet,
but it must be groomed weekly or it's coat will mat and tangle.
Old English Sheepdog males are 22" at the withers and weigh about 70+ pounds, while females are
21" at the withers weighing close to 60+ pounds.
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