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Feathers And Fleece Sheepadoodle FAQs

Feathers and Fleece
Sheepadoodle Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodles hypoallergenic?
Yes, Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodles are non-shedding and hypoallergenic.
The standard Poodle is hypoallergenic and most people believe the Old English Sheepdog
to be non-shedding. When the two breeds are bred together the offspring is both non-
shedding and hypoallergenic.

  • How often should we groom our Sheepadoodle?
Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodles have a wavy and very soft coat.
Depending on your brushing routine your Sheepadoodle will need to be groomed anywhere from 2-3
times a year. On avereage, Sheepadoodle owners tend to groom their dogs 3 times a year. Not because it is
 necessary but because it is fun. These day groomers are easily accessible and can give your pup a fun
and new haircut.
  • What are the differences in a male and a female Sheepadoodle?
Males are very family oriented. They feel that their main objective in life is to be with and around
 their humans. Males tend to enjoy cuddling with you on the couch while you watch a movie, sleeping
 at your feet while you work and playing when you are free. The males take on a "shadow" like mentality.

Females are more job oriented. They like to watch over the family and are more aware of their surroundings.
 The female Sheepadoodle, like the male, are great with children and other animals. They are more likely to
 bounce from one family member to the next to make sure all are included and nearby.

  • At what age should you spay or neuter Sheepadoodle?
Studies show that spaying or neutering before the age of 8 months can be very dangerous for a growing
 puppy as they are still developing. Our veterinarian agrees. We have been provided with numerous books
 and articles about the health risks that are involved with spaying too young. We ask that you wait to spay/neuter
 until your pup is at least 8-12 months of age.
    • Do Sheepadoodles do well with children, animals, and other pets?
    Feathers and Fleece Sheepadoodles get along with dogs, cats and other pets. They are wonderful
     with children. They enjoy having a friend to play and spend time with.

    • Do Sheepadoodles bark a lot?
    Excessive barking is considered to be something that a dog does out of fear. This fear stems from lack of early
     socialization. Early socialization takes place during the first 13 weeks of a puppies life. A highly confident dog
     will only bark to alert and warn their family of something or someone unfamiliar. Here at Feathers and Fleece
     we specialize in early socialization. We spend countless hours with each and every puppy from the time they
     are born until the day they go home to their new families. This is why so many clients come back for a second
     and third puppy.
    • Do Sheepadoodles do well around water?
    Yes, Sheepadoodles love water. Both the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog enjoy being in and
     around water. Your Sheepadoodles love of water can bring your family hours of entertainment.
    • Do Sheepadoodles like to travel?
    Yes, Sheepadoodles like to travel. They like to do anything that involves being with the family.
     Sheepadoodles typically travel very well and even as puppies tend to not to get car sick.
    • Do Sheepadoodles make good service and therapy dogs?
    Yes, because of their coloring they are very approachable. Their calm demeanor makes them excellent
     for therapy dogs and their intelligence makes them the perfect candidate for service training.
    • Are Sheepadoodles aggressive towards strangers?
    No, The Sheepadoodle is not aggressive towards strangers but they may be standoffish. They can tell if you
    are accepting by your tone and demeanor. If you are not comfortable around someone your Sheepadoodle will
     not be comfortable either.  This is normal working dog behavior.
    • What size crate should we purchase for our Sheepadoodle?
    Standard: The Large closed kennel is best for a standard Sheepadoodle.
    Mini/Micro: The Medium closed kennel is best for the Mini and the Micro Sheepadoodle.
    • What size collar/harness should we purchase for our Sheepadoodle puppy?
    Standard: Recommended collar size:14"-16"  -  Recommended harness size: Medium
    Mini: Recommended collar size:10"-12"  -  Recommended harness size: Small
    Micro: Recommended collar size: 8"-10"  -  Recommended harness size: Extra Small
    • What kind of gate should we purchase in preparation for a Sheepadoodle puppy?
    Most baby gates work just as well for puppies. We found the best prices and selections to be on
    • Should we install a dog door for our Sheepadoodle?
    This is an excellent idea. If you have a fenced in back yard this is ideal for you and your puppy.
    Feathers and Fleece Farm Sheepadoodles are very intelligent and very easy to train. A doggy door
     will allow them to do their business without bothering you to take them out. It is a win win!