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Micro Sheepadoodles

Micro Sheepadoodle puppies at Feathers And Fleece come with tails docked to resemble the Old English Sheepdog.
F And F rule = if both parent breeds have a docked tail, the hybrid offspring should as well.  No exceptions
Tails are docked at age 2-3 days, by a licensed veterinarian at the expenses of Feathers And Fleece.

We began raising the Micro Sheepadoodle in 2015. 
This was in response to an overwhelming number of our clients requesting smaller sheepadoodles.
Clients were looking for an adult size dog under 40 pounds, that had the personality and the energy level of the
Old English Sheepdog, but small enough they could pick their dog up. 
 The coat of the Micro Sheepadoodle is soft and wavy.
The Micro Mini Sheepadoodle is a dog you can travel with,easily hold in your laps, and
carry around without the worry you might hurt yourself.
After much studying, and of course trial and error, we were able to breed
a true Feathers And Fleece Mini Sheepadoodle to a Moyen Poodle successfully
both through AI and natural breeding and bring our clients the smallest
Micro Mini Sheepadoodle in the United States.
The Micro Mini Sheepadoodle from Feathers And Fleece
has all the qualities of the Old English Sheepdog
but only stands 14-19 inches to the back or less.
The Micro Mini Sheepadoodle from Feathers And Fleece weighs
less than 40 pounds.
Feathers And Fleece Micro Mini Sheepadoodles contain 75% poodle but due to our
extensive research and highly developed breeding program we are able to retain the
Old English Sheepdog boxy muzzle and heavy booty, and of course that
incredible coat that Feathers And Fleece is known so well for.
We can even, on occasion breed some color into our Micro Mini Sheepadoodle.
Micro Mini Sheepadoodles are completely hypoallergenic,non shedding, sweet smelling and full of personality. 
As with all Feathers And Fleece puppies, your puppy will arrive confident, social and ready for his or her new family.
The litter size for the Micro Mini Sheepadoodle is much smaller than the Standard Sheepadoodle.
Our waiting list is long.   Most clients will need to wait up to a year to get a puppy,
Do not wait to get on the waiting list if this is the perfect size dog for your family.